Day in Cairns, Qld

Do you want to experience the beauty of Queensland? You must really pay a visit to Cairns.

This wonderful Queensland city is bound to impress you by its unbelievable charm and a galaxy of attractions. You can unleash the amazing lures of nature and enjoy some thrilling adventures. The nightlife of this classic city will literally stun you. Cairns has a lot of variety to offer. You can find a lot of tips on where to start. Catch hold of a car rental in Cairns and start your expedition.

You can be in Cairns for just a few hours but you can't simply miss the Great Barrier Reef.
You will never get to see such a marvellous bliss of nature. This is probably one of topmost natural wonders of the world. The sensational view of the shiny blue waters spanning across thousands of miles will simply mesmerize you. If you want to have some fun then you can try some diving experience on sloping sands at the Moore Reef. You can also enjoy some exciting water sports.

Do you want to enjoy a tropical beach holiday?

You would love to pay a visit to the Palm Cove Beach and the Trinity Beach . The beaches offer a stylish mixture of natural scenery and beautiful resorts. You can have a soothing walk on these highly relaxing beaches. Both beaches provide a remarkable view of beautiful landscapes. You would really love to take some time-out to enjoy the soothing waters and the bounties of nature.

You would have probably seen this only in movies but the Esplanade Swimming lagoon seems like a dream. It provides you the most colourful mix of bushes, waters and scenic panoramas. The lagoon has some exclusive attributes which makes it a great venue for enjoying with your family. 

Want to have some insight on the history and culture of Cairns? Check out the Cairns Regional gallery. It provides a blend of history, culture and heritage of Cairns. You can also pay a visit to the Centre of Contemporary arts Cairns. The architecture and design is really impressive.

Are you a wildlife fanatic?

Cairns has some unblemished Rainforests and reefs that will surely fascinate you. The Cairns Wildlife dome, Iron Range National Park and the Frankland Islands National Park will offer you an unbelievable wildlife experience. 

The Cairns Central Shopping centre is a superb venue for some quality shopping. You would be really pleased with the variety of shopping options available here. Want to enjoy some wonderful cuisines? Try the Salthouse near the Cairns Yatch Club. You would have wonderful memories of fabulous dining and leisure in the aesthetic company of nature. You can also try Ochre. It is one of the most pioneering restaurants in Australia and is known for its classy cuisine and delicacies. If you want an unforgettable French dining experience then you can try the C'est Bon French Restaurant.

Want to try out relishing Chinese food?

Don't worry! Taste of China will offer you sumptuous seafood recipes along with variety of wines and beers. 
Cairns will offer you an unforgettable one-day experience.

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