De Negen Straatjes - The Nine Little Streets in Amsterdam

This neighborhood in central Amsterdam is home to some of the most interesting and best shopping in the city. Full of a wide array of restaurants, cafes and shops, this neighborhood has construction dating back to the early 17th century and provides guests with a uniquely scenic shopping experience. And, if you find your way there and are not sure where certain shops or restaurants are, just ask any of the shopkeepers in the area and they will gladly give you a map of the area that will point you in the right direction.


Beyond shopping, however, there are a few Amsterdam attractions in De Negen Straatjes that are also worth visiting for those that are traveling to (or through) Amsterdam. These include the Brillenmuseum (Museum of Eyeglasses), Bijbels Museum (Bible Museum), The European Center for Art, Culture and Science, and the Dutch Institute for War Documentation.

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