Enjoy tour in Venice by exploring popular art galleries

Venice is a very romantic place; people like to come here with their partners for spending some quality time. Beautiful tourist spots and different market locations can be enjoyed; many popular food cuisines can be tasted in different restaurants. Venice offer loads of fun and entertainment during the trip; it is the perfect combination of modernization and tradition. Many ancient monume4nts can be seen, every place has a history which makes the tour more exciting and interesting. Here are some of the popular art galleries for the art lovers which can be seen during the different tours in Venice:

Gallerie dell’Accademia: It contains the great architectural value with various historical aspects; people can see the true Italian art work. The walls depict the drama of ancient centuries; the painter has created the real beauty on the walls.

Giudecca 795: Strong bold arty works in vibrant colors can be explored here during the tour, keep the cameras to click the photos of different art works.

Fondazione Giorgio Cini: A shipshape gallery, created by the defunct naval academy. The stairs in glass and rusted iron interiors make the place more interesting to see. The place hosts many international and Italian shows for entertaining people, different paintings helps in making the tour more exciting.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco: The paintings in this gallery still look very fresh and make the viewing experience so relaxing. For art lovers this gallery is a must to see and enjoy with the loved once.

Punta della Dogana: Different beautiful art works can be enjoyed with the usage of vibrant colors and designs.

Museo delle Icone: Relax you mind by seeing the great masterpieces, the ancient things of 14th to 17th century can be seen here during the tour.

Ca’ d’Oro: A must to see, this gallery is very ancient and offers different art works from 15th-century. Different floors are filled with beautiful master pieces, different colorful paintings, sculptures makes the trip very amazing.

Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni: This gallery was built in the 16th century, the interiors still remains the same so one can experience the same era by coming to this gallery.

Scuola Grande di San Marco: Great handmade art works can be seen here, great sculptures, paintings in vibrant colors can help in understanding the work form.

Tours in Venice offer great fun and adventure as all the locations are full of great art work and natural scenic beauty. One can select the tours as per the need and budget from the online websites. These websites help in deciding the trip in a better way as they offer hundreds of different tour options. One can select the best deal and can explore the natural scenic beauty of Venice in the best and easy way.

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