Everest Base Camp
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An Introduction of Mt. Everest Base Camp (5,364m) - Nepal

Mount Everest Base Camp Nepal

The two different Mt Everest Base Camp situated on each opposite side of Mount Everest (8,848m). One located in Nepal side and other located in Tibet side. There two different options to get Everest base Camp in Nepal. One taking same footsteps which were taken by Hillery and another option would be talking flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.

Known as south Mt. Everest base Camp located in Nepal on the height of 5,364m or 17,598ft (28?0??26??N 86?51??34??E). These both Base Camp of Mt Everest are used by the climbers during the stage of their accent and decent. Things are carried by Sherpas, Porters & yaks until the South Base Camp of Mount Everest in Nepal side although there are transport accessible until the base camp of Tibet side.

There are few days rest as acclimatization?fs days if you are just doing Everest Base Camp Trek from Nepal side & if you are climbing ti the summit you may need several days for acclimatization to decrease the danger and harshness of altitude sickness. Explored by thousands of trekkers and hiking lovers each year the south Everest Base camp in Nepal is one of the most trekker?fs desired destination. You do not only feel proud after being there you also proved your self that your dreams have come true. To get this most liked and admired destination the trekkers usually takes flight from Kathmandu to Lukla so that you trek can be bounded of the vistas within 14 days period.

Fallowing the Sherpa capital at Namche and passing through pine trees and following the Dudh Koshi river you arrives at the Base Camp of Mt Everest. Hundreds of tents and climbing lovers cam be seen during the months of March. April & May if you are around those months in Mt Everest base camp in Nepal.

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