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Scenic Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is one of the most popular family vacation destinations in the U.S., and for very good reason. The number of exciting activities and locations for your family to explore is impressive. While many travelers visit Orlando for its popular theme parks, if you are willing to look around and check out car rental, you will be richly rewarded.

Kennedy Space Center

If you have kids that are interested in science and space, the Kennedy Space Center is a must-see. Take a tour of the facility and learn about the rich history of NASA and the space program. Some of the exciting opportunities at the space center include:

-- Meeting a veteran astronaut
-- Touring the launchpad
-- Trying out a simulator
-- Seeing rockets up close

If you are really lucky and time your trip just right, you might even get to see a launch!

Mauiva Tours

If you want to see Central Florida from a completely new perspective, check out Mauiva tours in Kissimmee. Fly above the landscape in a passenger plane and see Florida from a birds' eye view.

Caribbean Cruises

Cocoa Beach is home to a number of ports for such cruise lines as Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean. If you're going to be spending a significant amount of time in Florida, consider booking a cruise and vacationing in style.


If a Caribbean cruise isn't in your family's vacation budget, how about getting out to nature and camping at Jetty Park? Kick back and relax and check out the fantastic fishing the park is known for.

Daytona Beach

Is anyone in your family a NASCAR fan? Plan to visit Daytona Beach and head down to the famous Daytona International Speedway. Check the events schedule to see when the next race takes place. Even if you are not a racing fan, Daytona Beach is a great place to kick back and chill for the rest of the day.

West Coast Beaches

The west coast of Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico, has some of the best beach country in the world. No trip to central Florida would be complete without spending a day at the beach. Some of the magnificent beaches to visit include:

-- Clearwater Beach, considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Florida
-- Treasure Island
-- St. Petersburg
-- Tampa Bay

National and State Parks

Central Florida is home to over 30 state and national parks. A variety of fun activities for your family are available at these parks, including:

-- Canoeing
-- Kayaking
-- Hiking
-- Scuba diving

Fees are typically nominal, and you have the option of exploring on your own or taking a lesson.

Wekiwa Springs State Park

This state park is truly unique and one of Florida's natural treasures. It is home to the Wekiwa River. The source of the river is a spring that remains at 72 F all throughout the year, making it a phenomenal place for swimming. Additionally, the park contains more than 13 miles of trails, perfect for hiking and biking through incredible landscapes. Canoes and kayaks are also available for exploring the river.

Ghost Tracker Ghost Tours

Take tours of infamous haunted houses and witness paranormal activity for yourself. Led by the cast of a local television show, you will perform tasks and track disturbances, just like on your favorite supernatural TV shows.

Orlando, Florida, truly has something for everyone. Make plans with your family to visit this beautiful part of the country and see everything that it has to offer.

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