Gap in your Olympic Schedule? Visit London's West End

Olympic fever is everywhere at the moment- medals are floating around the scene and anyone who says they aren’t counting, are probably not telling the honest truth. So what happens when you have a good few hours gap in between events, or you’ve been there done that, and you’re still in London for the next couple of days- what now?

One thing you really shouldn’t miss out on during your Olympic stay is the sparkling, theatrical world of London’s West End. The theatre district is in full swing at the moment as like the rest of the world they’re totally geared up for the Olympics. The fantastic thing about the West End is that it caters for every theatrical taste, from the sparkling, the musical and the fantastical to the morbid, and scary. Shows like Wicked! And Billy Eliot are amazing for the whole family, day or night, rain or shine. Or if you fancy something a little different then try Sweeney Todd or The Woman in Black, to amerce you into the darker gothic London, and thrill you into the 19th century. Seriously whatever you fancy you’ll be able to entertain and wow yourself at a west end show Tickets can be booked in advance, picked up from sellers across the city, or from the theatre box office as well- but be warned, the really big shows tend to book up a couple of days in advance. Or if you’re in or around London in the coming weeks and actually, you’re not hugely into the Olympics (a lot of people aren’t) then getting away from the media storm could be a really good way to spend an evening, and in the heart of culture in London, you’ll be safe away from all the sport. London’s theatre district is also surrounded by amazing restaurants which are sure to have you salivating over their menus. Whatever cuisine you fancy from Italian to Sushi, you should be able type find a cosy list bistro or a modern and chic sushi restaurant to fill you up. Transport is also really easy- if you’re from London than I’m sure you’ll already know the route- but for those of you over here for the games or just on a flying visit then you have a couple of choices when it comes to getting yourself to the West End. The easiest option by far is to hop on the tube. Basically if you hop on the circle line you should be able to easily navigate yourself to the theatre of your choosing- have a look on their website before you set off- they usually tell you the nearest tube station and give you a little map so it’s easy for you to navigate your own way there. I would seriously discourage anyone from trying to drive and park- parking is a nightmare at the best of times so during the Olympics chances of finding a space will; be slim- and being able to afford it will be even slimmer! A taxi can also get you there fine but be aware your journey will take a bit longer because of the new Olympic road layouts- so give yourself plenty of time.

You can get London show tickets for loads and loads of shows, as pretty good prices at the moment as they’re all competing for the Olympic audience. Make sure you book your tickets as early as possible and plan your route so you get there on time. Do something different- take a break from the Olympic games and catch a show in the West End.


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