Goodbye Coach: The Benefits of Traveling in First Class

During my recently Bahamas vacation my coach seat was upgraded to first class. If you have never traveled in first class on an airplane, you have no idea what you're missing. First class offers so many more benefits than coach. Even though you will need to pay more to get these benefits, they are certainly well worth it.

If you have never traveled in first class, the following are a few of the benefits you’ll receive in your luxury area.

1. More space.

Coach flights are known for their cramped seating. Passengers feel as if they're sitting on top of one another, and if you don't claim the armrest first, you're out of luck for the whole trip. And don't even get us started on the middle seats.

When you fly first class, the seats are much bigger and you have much more leg room. If you're tall, having more legroom is enough of a reason to switch to first class. You can actually sit without your knees in your lap. When you travel in first class, you can easily make yourself comfortable for the entire duration of the flight.

2. Less noise.

In coach, you are sitting so close to others that every conversation taking place on the plane can be heard by everyone else. Plus, coach is where you tend to find the most traveling families.

In first class, there is less noise. Since the seats are further apart, you don't hear every conversation taking place on the flight. Plus, most first class fliers want to be left in peace, so most of these passengers are not making any noise. And on most first class flights, you will hardly ever find young children, who tend to be the biggest noise making culprit on flights.

3. Great service.

Don't have your knee banged by the drink cart ever again. When you travel in first class, you will get some of the best service you have ever experienced. You will have better food and drink options, and you will usually be asked if you want a pillow, blanket or any other special treat instead of having to ask for one. Plus, the general attitude of the flight attendants tends to be much better in first class than those working in coach, so your entire experience will be much more pleasant.

4. More comfortable.

Due to the large size of the seats and the comfort level of first class, you will have a more enjoyable flight. Turbulence will not be as noticeable, and the air conditioning or heat vents in first class will actually work, so you can travel more comfortably.

If you have an upcoming trip, use it as an opportunity to fly first class. You will be amazed at the difference between first class and coach, and you will never want to travel any other way. The space alone is a great reason to travel in first class, but the reduction of noise and the better service also play a huge role as to why it's so great.

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