Great Upcoming Events in Chicago

Blue Man Group

For fans of arts and humanities in Chicago, this is an exciting month filled with spectacular events. I feel bad for those who can only choose one of these things to do, and just can't imagine that anyone would miss out on all three of these events. 

Across countries, languages and cultures, film opens a window onto new worlds, demonstrates the promise of new possibilities, and gives expression to different ways of thinking, all the while confirming our shared stories and common humanity. In 2012, we presented 127 feature films, including 21 feature-length documentaries, and 50 short subject films from more than 55 countries. Many of these films participated in competitive sections, where the highest honor is the Gold Hugo – a standard of excellence in the world of film and a true symbol of discovery. Read More

Remember that time when you were little and one of your imaginary friends took your hand and led you into a world that looked like yours only brighter? No? Me neither. That’s what Blue Man Group is like. Read More

The 24th Chicago Humanities Festival will take this new exchange of ideas out of the academy and into the public. We will explore what it means to think about culture biologically, about biology culturally, and about the human-animal relationship beyond the science/humanities divide. Read More

Michael P.

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