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Atlantic City Questions: I only have a day to spend in Atlantic City and I'm staying at the Tropicana, what are some things I must do or see?
By: Allen   |    September 26, 2012   |   1 Responses (0) (0)


Eric commented on October 27, 2013

Whether they'll admit it or not, just about every local has spent a few hours at Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly Burlesque, but that's definitely not an appropriate scene for many. If you have the time and the cash, Atlantic City is famous for its casinos, and a stop at Harrah's Resort might be in order. If you really want a feel for the city, though, go adventuring and hit up the local restaurants - avoid anything that looks like a tourist trap or big chain. Take a Sack O' Subs over Cafe 2825 any day.

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