It's Your Turn to Dream, By Visiting the Land Of Dreamtime

There's no place quite like Australia, as anyone who's ever visited there will tell you. A land of ancient mystery and traditions, it has a character all its own, and people who are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality. This is a vast land, offering something for everybody, and appealing to every individual taste. Infused with the mysteries of its ancient aboriginal traditions, it is also home to many modern cities, bustling with excitement and culture.

A vacation here promises to leave you with vivid memories of magnificent landscapes, breathtaking views, and jovial people who are always hospitable. Don't know where to start? Think of what appeals to you and chances are there are one or more places that will offer exactly what you are looking for. You prefer the great outdoors? Here is a country larger than many continents, with everything from subtropical rain forests to arid deserts, as well as beautiful pastures that surround towering mountains. Surrounded by oceans, water lovers will find plenty of opportunities to engage in their favourite water sports, from surfing to kite surfing and even scuba diving. The major cities are a mix of many cultures, heavily influenced by the recent arrival of many immigrants from the Pacific Rim, who have brought their ancient traditions with them.

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What's your pleasure, mate?

With so many choices and options for a great vacation, don't delay visiting this exceptional country. With Australia flights being quite affordable, the whole family can go and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Be sure to see the iconic koala bear, scurrying up one of his favourite eucalyptus trees. And don't miss seeing kangaroos in the wild, if you can, as they will leave an indelible impression on you. There are so many species that are native and unique to Australia, due to the fact that it is one immense island, and over the eons, Nature was allowed to take its course, and animals evolved which one will not find anyplace else:

  • Snuggle up with a wombat, that little four-legged furry marsupial typically found in south eastern Australia. Don't worry, they won't bite, as they are purely herbivores
  • Catch a glimpse of an emu. You won't have to look up in the sky, as these flightless birds, a cousin to the ostrich, get around most of mainland Australia by using a quick trot
  • Keep your ears peeled for the laughing call of the kookaburra, a tree nesting bird that can be found in many areas, including residential neighbourhoods
  • But keep your eye out for a dingo, as this free roaming close relative to the regular dog is not a herbivore at all, and often attacks livestock, and smaller prey
  • And if you're out in the wild, be sure to not step on any poisonous snakes. While not close to human populations, they can be found in arid parts of the country.

It's definitely worth the trip

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