Longshot Apparel Makes Luxury Shirts for Tall, Lean Men

Longshot Apparel

Longshot Apparel

Seattle, WA –2011- “Nearly 60 percent of everything we buy in the US today is made in China or overseas. I didn’t want us to be part of that.  I wanted to put a stake in the ground for made in USA” says Mark Tindall “Chief Tall Guy” and one of the founders of Longshot Apparel, a new online luxury clothing retailer targeting the tall men’s market.  The company created a proprietary pattern and size grade for their range of tall shirts specifically designed for the lean man 6’ to 6’8” tall.  “Our customer is so frustrated with ill-fitting shirts we knew we needed manufacturing partners who could ace the fit and sizing details,” says Tindall.  The company, which launched earlier this year, is producing their premium tall shirts in both New Jersey and Massachusetts. 


The decision to make things locally was based on quality and efficiency opposed to price.  The management team who had experience working for other companies such as Nike, Adidas and Nordstrom knew that producing overseas would mean lower prices but it also meant long lead times, unfathomable minimums, long flights and ultimately a cheaper quality product.  “And that’s before you consider unfair labor practices” says Sally Bjornsen, Longshot Apparel co-founder.  “Our customer who is concerned with fit and quality is willing to spend more upfront for a shirt that will have lasting value in his wardrobe.  His decision to pay a little more is further reinforced for him when he knows the product is made in USA.  We believe our value proposition is right in line with the quality versus quantity value system that is growing among consumers in all categories.” 


Based in Seattle, WA, Longshot Apparel was started by three former Microsoft, Adidas and Nike marketing executives personally impacted by the lack of well-fitting shirts for tall, fit men.  The company whose slogan is “taking the big out of the big and tall” offers its products exclusively via their online store.  Free shipping and returns is part of the superior customer service the brand offers.  “Isn’t it about time we start treating the tall, fit man with the respect he’s due?”  says Tindall, who stands 6’3” tall. 




Sally Bjornsen

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