Luxe Travel Guide to Vietnam

Viet Nam (Vietnam to some people)
A place where culture abounds, the country of Viet Nam has managed to dispense with the history of turmoil that surrounds the region. What was once the site of many of the irrationalities of war, has now become a popular tourist destination. The mixture of the old and the new witnessed throughout the country serves to captivate all who visit the area and certainly proves to be quite a spectacle for tourists.


My Son

Once the site of magnificent temples and towering structures belonging to the Champa Kingdom, My Son is, at the present, a remarkable tourist attraction. While one can no longer witness these massive structures in their original splendor, the ruins are still present and one an individual can surely obtain an image of the likeness of the once marvelous edifices. The site was actually named to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites recently as well.

Travel to Viet Nam

The easiest way to travel to Viet Nam is via airplane and while the trip may take some time, finally touching down at the airport in Saigon is certainly worth the long voyage.

Travel within Vietnam

The preferred way to travel within the country is by car but many choose to walk throughout the city of their choosing as the locals are a very hospitable bunch and can serve to make the walk a rather enjoyable undertaking. Cyclo drivers are another option for traveling around the cities of Viet Nam but these can prove to be a little problematic at times.


While there are a significant number of people who speak English, the national language of the country is in fact Vietnamese. Learning some the language during your visit can be quite fun and easy.


Visas are basically required when visiting Viet Nam as getting through customs upon arrival can be somewhat tricky without a visa in your passport.

Food & Drink

A great deal of preparation goes into many of the dishes you will undoubtedly encounter when dining in Viet Nam. Most of these delicious foods possess foreign Vietnamese names and as such it is important to ask questions if you are a finicky eater. Various soup and rice dishes are commonly on the menu of most restaurants in Viet Nam.


Perhaps one of the biggest concerns when traveling is whether or not the destination is a safe place to be visiting. Crime is not of great concern in the country as the level of it is quite low. One must simply take the usual precautionary steps when traveling like keeping an eye on any valuables you may have on you and traveling in groups especially after dark.


The marketplaces in the country can become a little crowded at times and as such shopping can be a little stuffy. However, the streets are basically lined with stores and as such finding some rare or interesting items is quite easy. Virtually anything in the way of shopping that you may be looking for can be found in Viet Nam.


Within the larger tourist destinations of the country there are many things to keep visitors entertained. Recreational facilities abound and cultural events as well as the nightlife are all popular within Viet Nam.

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