Luxury Travel Guide to Paris

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Paris, the City of Lights, is one of the most famous cities in the world. It has the distinctness of being the most sought after tourist destination of the world and with a reason too. With a scenic surprise waiting for you at every corner, it is the ultimate travellers' paradise. It has been an important place of learning for millennia and showcases the epitomes of French artistry. Paris has a lot to offer and everyone can find their place of comfort in this tourist capital of the world.

To do list

In Paris, there are options galore for doing whatever catches your fancy. From seeing places like the Louvre., considered one of the best museums around; one of the world's wonders, the Eiffel tower; the grand Champs-Elysée; the Sacre Coeur adorning the highest point of Paris or taking a boat ride on the Seine to experience Paris in all its glory, you can enjoy every bit of this city. You can travel around the city in a chauffeured limo, or enjoy Seine in your own River limousine.

Places to eat

One of the primary attractions in Paris is its food. You can have a traditional three course meal washed down with lots of red wine or have contemporary meals from around the world. The L'Abeille, constructed by the grand nephew of Napoleon, has a very nice setting and is one of the best eateries around. Or if you have a romantic dinner in mind, then Du Palais-Royal presents the perfect location overlooking Paris in all its glory. For classic French cuisine, L'Ambroisie outperforms all the others and has a rich interior decor.


Staying in Paris has to be done in style. Hotels overlooking the city, or huge châteaus around the city offer ample opportunities to enjoy the Parisian architecture while living the ideal French life. The Ritz is almost as symbolic as the Eiffel Tower itself. The Hotel Plaza Athenee offers a setting unlike others and is the first choice of all the who's who visiting Paris, or the Hotel de Crillon, the oldest luxury hotel in Paris who have hosted the like of President Roosevelt of America. You can get a variety of options and all of them are bound to make you want to come back.


The Couture of Paris is the trend setter in the world. All major designers are invariably related to Paris. This makes Paris the ideal place to shop your heart out. You can shop in the Golden Triage, which has a store from every big name in the fashion industry, or the chic boutiques in the left bank that offer cutting edge shops for fashion. If it's shoes you want, than Espace chaussure des Galeries offer the biggest brand names in a single luxurious complex. Or go into the departmental stores in Paris that are world renowned for their unique all-encompassing setting.

Paris is one of the most liveable cities around the world and rivals all the commercialness of London. This historically preserved city is also one of the greenest and most sophisticated. Paris is bound to win your heart and make you visit again.

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