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Opinion - My Favorite San Diego Restaurant
By: Mike   |    August 24, 2012   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

Living in an awesome city like San Diego offers me the opportunity to get to eat some of the best food in the nation. From sushi to tacos, there is a massive collection of great restaurants in San Diego, yet there is one that stands out no matter how many times I eat there: Rei Do Gado.

What is most interesting, to me at least, about this being my favorite restaurant in this city is that Brazilian food isnít my favorite, not even close, especially when compared to tacos, pizza, sushi, Chinese food and gourmet burgers. However, Rei Do Gado has never disappointed me on any visit. With (almost too-) dark lighting and carnivorous choices like bacon-wrapped cuts of steak and mouthwatering prime rib, I could, and will, eat there again and again.

The only thing that keeps me from going there all the time is that it gets packed, rightfully so, and like I mentioned earlier the lighting seems just a little too low; Iíd like a better look at their amazing food.†

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