Protect Your Valuables When Moving Internationally

Packed in your luggage or shipped overseas in a secure pod, your valuable art, jewelry, clothing or collectibles require special attention during your international move. While you cannot personally keep an eye on your valuables, you can protect them with smartphone tracking apps and security products. Use these precautions for better peace of mind and to ensure your possessions arrive safely and intact at their destination.


Simplify every aspect of international moving with an app like Track Em. This free app for the iPhone allows you to create categories like jewelry, clothing, artwork or collectibles and track your valuable possessions. Specify detailed locations for each item, such as 'the green suitcase' or 'the black crate.' Step up your tracking efforts and take pictures of the items you wish to track. When you arrive at your destination, know with confidence the exact location of each item you've packed. Your written record eases inventory during the unpacking process, allows you to quickly assess the condition of each piece and provides necessary proof if an insurance claim must be filed.


The Packing Pal app consolidates a comprehensive inventory list of your valuables. Personalize packing lists to include the location and inventory of every item packed into each shipping crate or valise. Create categories like jewelry, clothing or art and search for specific items using alphabetical or categorical search terms. Edit, print or email each list to best track your valuables during a move. Having a go-to checklist for items you never think you'll leave behind, whether prized paintings or sentimental items of jewelry, will come in handy when you're occupied with other moving tasks.


Pacsafe secure bags protect your valuables from vandals and thieves. Store important papers like your passport and credit cards in the tamperproof zippered pockets or use the bag to transport expensive camera gear, jewelry or artwork. Cloth backpacks and vinyl luggage, while handy packing aids for items like clothing and shoes, are unsecure for essential documentation. Anyone can tamper with pockets or open the bag’s zippers when you are distracted. Pacsafe bags include anti-theft features like slash-proof panels built from stainless steel and protective wire. Belts, straps, chains and cables enable you to attach the bag securely to any fixture, making a layover with your carry-ons more secure.


Designed to look like everyday items, Diversion Safes offer excellent protection when you need to hide small valuables. Conceal small items rings, necklaces, bracelets, gemstones or coins in safes made to look like aerosol cans, plastic water bottles, peanut butter jars, books, candles or clocks. Further deter would-be thieves when you wrap items in tissue or a soft cloth to limit sound when the safe is handled during a customs inspection. Pack the Diversion Safe in your carry-on bag, in a shipping crate or confidently store it among your household items.


Protecting your valuables is paramount at all times but is a special priority when you move internationally. Use one or more of the aforementioned items to store or track your possessions and arrive at your new home with treasured items right where you packed them. 


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