Sandal's La Toc Resort & Spa, St Lucia

We had a great time. We spent most of our time at La Toc, but did venture over to Grande on 3 occasions. La Toc is beautiful, very romantic and very much geared for couples...lots of small tables for 2 at the restaurants and such. Large percentage of honeymooners and anniversary guests. NOT a good place for those who have trouble walking/wheelchair/etc...steps everywhere and the resort is spread out over the coast from the beach up the cliff. Food was good, portions on the small side and dont expect to get served quickly (you are on vacation, no need to rush, right?). Free snorkel and scuba (if certified, can get certified there for extra fee)...short bus ride to the port, then boat to a dive area. La Toc and Halcyon use the same boat/location, Grande has their own boat and goes to a different location. Never made it to Halcyon, heard it was a bore. Grande was nice, great beach...better than La Toc....shallow, low waves if any, pier, etc. La Toc beach tended to be rougher and got deeper quicker and no pier. We also went zip lining, was fun...the resort even sent a photographer with us, so if you chose to buy pictures you could bundle it with other pictures taken around the resort. The only drawback with the pictures they take (other than price) is that if you have pics taken at one of the other Sandals on St Lucia you have to buy the pics at that resort, they will not combine your pics/order between resorts. Overall, we enjoyed Sandals La Toc...very romantic and relaxing...great for honeymooners/etc...not good for singles! if you are more 'beach' people and/or a group of singles, go to the Grande.

All of the beaches on St Lucia are public, but there wasnt much in the way of non-resort use of the beach other than on Sunday.

St Lucia airport reminded me a lot of Jamaica from the first time I visited in 1998...small, not much in the way of shops/food, walk off the back of the airplane, etc. The island is similar too with all the poverty evident as you drive around the island.

- Tip: buy alcohol at the airport, cheaper than buying at the resort (even the "sales" at the resort)

- Tip: The higher priced rooms, concierge/butler/private pool/etc, are generally away from the main area of the resort and will require more walking/taking the shuttle if you want to get to the main pool/beach/etc


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