See How a Cycling Trip Abroad Could Benefit You

Cycling tours are becoming an increasingly popular holiday option. A tour provides excitement and adventure. It's an opportunity to explore a new country.

Visit Amazing Locations
Cycling tours allow you to visit remote locations off the conventional tourist trail. Cyclists can really get to grips with a country, visiting charming villages and attractions off the beaten path. Cycling allows genuine interaction with local people, providing better understanding of local culture. Popular destinations for cycling trips include countries not typically associated with tourism such as Laos, Burma, Bosnia and Tanzania. Cycling tours tend to include visits to local sights and attractions. A cycling trip to India may include elephant riding, shopping in local bazaars, visits to tea plantations and beaches. A trip to Vietnam and Laos may involve a paddleboat ride through picturesque villages, a Hanoi city tour and a visit to the stunning Kwang Si Waterfalls.

Experience Nature
Cycling holidays are the perfect way to experience the nature and wildlife of a country. Cycling in countries such as Tanzania offers the chance to get up close with animals such as giraffes, zebras and wildebeests. Other tours cross through some of the world's most beautiful national parks where cyclists can view local flora and fauna, such as Sutjeska National Park on a Bosnia Cycle Tour. Cycling trips are also available in the Everest region of Nepal, giving cyclists the chance to be in one of the most beautiful settings in the world, with magnificent views of the highest mountain on Earth.

Improve Your Health
Cycling has many physical and mental benefits. Even easy to moderate cycling holidays can improve cardiovascular fitness, improve mental health, manage weight and strengthen the immune system. Challenging cycle tours are also available, including mountain biking around the Atlas Mountains, riding to the summit of Mont Ventoux, experiencing high altitude in Tibet and the Dead2red cycle race in Jordan.

Organised Cycling Tours
There are many benefits to booking an organised cycling trip. Tours provide an experienced guide with in-depth local knowledge of the area you will be cycling in. Guides allow you to explore back roads, gain insight into local culture and visit lesser-known attractions.

Organised cycling tours also come with emergency back up vehicles. These may be necessary in the event of a puncture, mechanical difficulties or a medical emergency. Back up vehicles allow peace of mind and are often necessary when visiting remote locations such as the wide-open spaces of Namibia or the grasslands of Mongolia. Tours provide hotel accommodation, ensuring cyclists can relax after a busy day. This avoids the hassle of searching for a guest house or hotel in an unknown town after a long day of cycling.

Tours are tailored to suit different abilities, meaning there is something for almost everyone. Those with less experience or those who have concerns about fitness can undertake easy to moderate tours that allow plenty of time for relaxation and sightseeing. A bike tour of Cuba can make the perfect destination for a beginner's ride with easy terrain, catamaran trips and time to relax on the beach. Others can choose to take a moderate to challenging ride that will push their limits such as a cycling adventure in the Alaskan wilderness or some cyclists like to race a stage of the Tour du France. Long weekend rides are available in destinations such as France for those who have limited time. The Mont Ventoux Cycling Weekend and the Loire Cycling tour are both popular. Most tours take place over 10-15 days. However, longer trips are also available.


Vince Kline is a well-known travel writer and blogger. Vince is a respected cyclist who has competed in races throughout the world. He currently lives in Germany where he manages a company providing singles holidays for cyclists and skiers.


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