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casey mcgrath

HEY!! singapore was very cool. no place will beat india, though. out of all the places we went to, it was definitely the cleanest, hands down. it also has the most incredible architecture- they are so much more advanced than anywhere i have ever seen. i felt like i was in the jetsons. first, missy, ashton, casey L and i got off of the ship and wandered around. we had no clue where we were supposed to go or what to really stunk because we only had one day there. we went to a street called arab street where they were selling tons of fabrics and jewelry. we went to a vegetarian restaurant where we got  to eat HUMMUS!!! i know that doesn't sound like it is too big of a deal to you, but when you go without something so good for so long it is definitely considered a delicacy. haha! After we walked and ate, we went to orchard road and we shopped for a bit. these stores beat tysons most definitely, but i only bought two things ( i didn't bring my credit card because i didn't want to go too crazy!) i put my phone down in one shop and turned to look at the necklaces and when i had turned back around, my phone was gone. that put a bit of a damper on my day,  but i spoke with my friend Idin and he said some iranian saying, basically not to worry because what's done is done. i didn't want to spoil my day in singapore so i put it at the back of my head and kept going with my day. we headed to the biggest ferris wheel in the world, but it was closed due to weather, so we walked to the big hotel called the Sans Marina Hotel (something like that) and it was the most beautiful hotel I've ever seen in a city setting. It was a massive hotel, with a boat on top. this boat had a restaurant, an infinity pool, and incredible views of the entirety of singapore. we snuck into the pool area and just hung out for a little while. after we went to the hotel, we went to a different area of the city where we ran into a bunch of friends and went to eat moroccan food. we then went to a bar called the clinic and each had a drink before heading back to the boat.

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