Some Basic Things You Must Know Before Visiting Normandy

If you are planning a small vacation with your family or friends, then Normandy can be your next holiday spot. Normandy is located in Northern side of the France, between the English channel and Picardy region of the country. It is basically a small town and well known for the events of World War II. This small town has a lot to offer in terms of excursion and exploration.


While planning Normandy landings tours you would find out several memorials and places you can explore in this small historical town. Normandy is considered to be a home for tourist who are inclined to experience battlefields, war events, art and architecture. But before you plan out a trip, it is must to gain some knowledge about the place and things you can do in Normandy.

Places To Visit :Some of the cities are a classic examples of roman and gothic architecture. Caen was one of the best examples for this type of architecture but was unfortunately destroyed in world war two but tourist can still see this type of architecture in Men’s Abbey, Ladies Abbey and Chateau De Caen Castle. Rouen is a major city for industrial shipments as it is located  on the Seine river. this city is also the home to cathedral of Notre Dame. shipbuilding centre of Normandy is Cherbourg and it is also a naval base. Le Havre is a very big cargo port that resides at the base of Seine river.


World War II: Normandy is one of the regions where Nazi invasions took place. This place is a living fossil that speaks a lot about the World War two. Nazi occupied France on June 6, 1994. The city is is overflowing with museums, memorials, bunkers and cemeteries that are great historical records but at the same time speaks the horror of that time. One of the best places to get loads of information on world war two would have to be the Caen war memorial which provides a large collection of artifacts, videos, presentations and exhibits. other known world war two tourist attractions include D- Day landing museum, Pointe Du Hoc Ranger Monument, American Cemetery and Port Winston.  


Things To Do:Art lovers are not left out at this heavenly beautiful place, the town of Giverny gives visits of Claude Monet’s home and park. American art museum gives details of 19th century paintings. some popular tourist attraction include gothic abbey that is situated on rocky islets. Deauville organises various horse shows throughout the Normandy region. Dieppe seaside resort is also famous tourist spot.   


Geographical Take: Normandy is popular for its cattle farming and horses. Normady is a beautiful place with breathtaking landscape, forests, granite coastlines, valleys and cliffs. Seine river apart from a  popular tourist attraction is also used for boating, recreational activities and transportation. You should not miss this if you love to spend your holidays amidst nature.

Transportation: Normandy landings tours provide you a variety of options in transportation such as rails, boat and ferry. There are easily available from England to port cities of normandy like Caen, Cherbourg and Le Havre. Plane facilities are also available on local airports in Caen, Rouen. The nearest non regional airport is Roissy CDG. Normandy is a safe and easy drive from Paris on the EO5 Interstate highway.


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