Spring to Autumn: The Best Times of Year to Book Greek Islands Holidays

Greek weather is significantly warmer than the general British climate. Mediterranean temperatures hit maximums of the high 20s and 30s during the summer months – and with a longer period of sunshine overall, it is normally expected that any time between May and October should see an average of above 20 degrees.

Greek islands holidays are consequently popular for a long chunk of each year, with the seasons starting around Easter time and finishing in October. With weather more guaranteed there than it is in Britain, one of the major considerations for the holidaying couple or family may be other people, rather than the nature of the climate.

The busiest periods of the year offer quite a buzz, if that is your kind of thing. It has to be noted, though, that with marinas full to bursting and restaurants packed out every evening, a holiday during July and August may prove quite stressful. On the other hand, of course, if you are taking children this may be the only time you can get away, thanks to the rigid structure of the UK school holidays.

Early Season

The early part of the Greek islands holiday season, which really kicks off in April, is slightly cooler in the evenings and much less crowded. This can be an ideal time for some family excursions, when the restaurants are opening for the new season and it is easier to get tables. Plus the marinas tend to be less full, so if you combine your Greek islands holidays with a yachting trip or even a complete yachting holiday, you can be more confident that you will find an easy mooring. This is particularly welcome news to anyone whose sailing experience is limited to holidays rather than a regular thing.

You’ll need mosquito repellent in the evenings, and it is as well to bring long trousers or jeans and jumpers for the night – which cools down much more than the summer months as the water temperature has yet to rise.

Late Season

For the best combination of temperature and crowding, it can be wise to leave your Greek islands holidays until late season – when the water is at its warmest and the air temperature is hot enough to be nice but not so hot it hurts. The marinas will bustle without being too busy; restaurants will still be open; and the water will be warm enough for swimming, unlike the sea at the beginning of the holiday season.

It is appreciated that many Greek islands holidays are dictated entirely by school holidays. A half term jaunt after the summer holidays have finished may be indicated for the family that wants to pay slightly less and enjoy a little more space on the marina. Families are less likely in general to travel abroad for a single half term week, while summer holiday travel is famously hectic – so just by leaving your booking until the latter part of the holiday season, you may find both better price tags and a more pleasant experience.

Greek islands holidays can be either villa holidays, or yachting holidays, or a combination of the two experiences.

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