Stay at the One&Only Le Saint Geran

When thinking about luxury vacations, one’s thoughts inevitably turn to thoughts of sun, sea and sand. So it’s not surprising that, for so many people each year, their conception of the perfect luxury holiday inevitably involves the island of Mauritius.

About Mauritius

Mauritius is the quintessential tropical island paradise. Beautiful blue skies soar above golden, sandy beaches which reach gently down into crystal clear waters. Verdant forest covers much of the island, and volcanoes provide a stunning backdrop to the island’s already sublime beauty.

Of course, with Mauritius being such a popular destination, it would be only reasonable to expect that at certain times of the year the island may feel a little more crowded than luxurious. Which is why those looking for a truly special experience choose to take their Mauritius vacation in the tranquillity of the One&Only Le Saint Geran.

Staying at the One&Only Le Saint Geran Resort

The One&Only is a paradise within a paradise. Situated on the private Saint Geran peninsula, just off the main island of Mauritius proper, it offers 162 suites which are set out over 60 acres and sheltered by a cove and coral bay on each side.

Once you arrive on Saint Geran, the temptation not to leave might prove overwhelming. And, for the length of your stay, you really won’t have to. The One&Only resort offers everything a luxury traveller could ask for, from personalised, 24-hour butler service to a spa resort and activities menu which includes beach and water sports, tennis, bike and horse riding, hairdressing and yoga, as well as the usual top quality spa treatments.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the water, there are instructors at the resort whose services can be booked for one-on-one lessons and excursions, which include diving, windsurfing and small-game fishing. And the One&Only also has a bespoke golf course for golfing enthusiasts of all levels, as well as a selection of swimming pools, fine dining experiences and kids entertainment activities.

Booking Your Holiday at the One&Only Mauritius

There’s only one way to book a holiday to Mauritius - click here to discover amazing deals at the One&Only Le Saint Geran Resort from quality travel provider Best At Travel. Their amazing vacation packages can be booked in person, over the phone or online, and when you book all inclusive with Best At Travel you can relax and enjoy your luxury holiday at theOne&Only Le Saint Geran, without having to worry about a thing.


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