Sturehof - Great Swedish Cuisine

As one of the best places in Stockholm to go to, Sturhof provides great traditional Swedish meals in a location that is even easy for vacationers to find. The great menu is packed with seafood dishes and great wines that will have you asking for glass after glass. Likewise, for those who are not so keen on seafood (why would you be eating at a Swedish restaurant if that was the case, but I digress), there is a great selection of meat dishes like Salisbury steak, chicken and salsiccia.


Along with these great traditional meals, there are a variety of “Cheese From the Trolly” options for those who just want a nibble while they enjoy their wine in the beautiful atmosphere provided by Stockholm’s Sturehof restaurant. If you happen to come here for the great meals, make sure to stay for the dessert, the chocolate fondant is absolutely marvelous.


Stureplan 2
114 35 Stockholm

08-440 57 30


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