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Summer is right around the corner and a time of the year when people want to break out of their normal routine and get away. This summer, millions of people will be traveling domestically, as well as abroad. The difference in surviving and thriving on that trip has a lot to do with the planning and preparing before ever heading out the door.

“Once you plan wisely for a trip you know all the difference that it makes and you will forever want to continue with it,” explains expert traveler Tina Aldatz, chief executive officer of travel wellness company Savvy Travelers. “Planning ahead means that you are more prepared to help keep yourself healthy and comfortable, no matter where you may be traveling to. That’s always a good thing.”

Here are Tina’s top Summer travel tips that people can use when traveling domestically and abroad:

·      When traveling internationally, inquire about vaccinations, and contact the local health department about a month before the trip. This way, they can determine if any special health measures should be taken or cautionary advice is needed.

·      Inquire with your insurance company about traveling to get the details you may need on using insurance during a vacation, especially if you will be traveling outside the country.

·      Take standard necessities with you, rather than trying to find them when you arrive. Items such as sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries and cleansing wipes are easy to pack and carry, and will bring comfort during travel and once reaching the destination.

·      Aim to pack light, rather than over pack. When you over pack it will become a burden to carry luggage around. Also, packing light gives you a little wiggle room for purchasing things on the trip to take home.

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·      Travel prepared with cleansing wipes. You can go poolside with your designer wipes by your side or stash them in your beach bag. They will easily allow you to refresh a sweaty body with No Sweat wipes, get the chlorine or salty sea off with Take Offz, and remove the sand that got on your phone or on your sunglasses with In the Klear wipes.

·      Looking great is easier when you are prepared, even down to your fingernails. Chipped a nail on day three? Lift Offz to the rescue. They can be carried in your purse or bag and within seconds will remove the polish.

·      Sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation because we packed so much in on our trip. But the worst thing is to have to use all your sick days after your fabulous vacation, so stay healthy this spring break with Klean Upz and Offz by your side.

·      Stay fresh and healthy when traveling by keeping individually wrapped wipes on hand. They can be used for sweat, killing germs, freshening breath, or cleaning off things that seem a tad too dirty to touch. From wiping down airplane tray tables to hotel room remote controls, spending seconds to do that and removing germs can save days worth of being ill.

“We know what it’s like to travel and need ways to help keep us comfortable and healthy,” added Aldatz. “That’s why we created our line of designer wipes. They are easy to carry, individually wrapped, and help make you ready for anything and everything that comes your way.”

Savvy Travelers offers a Beauty Bundle Kit, which offers individually wrapped

Savvy Travelers offers a no-rinse line of products that help to keep travelers healthy and lend a convenient collection of problem solvers for beauty and wellness needs. They are all TSA friendly, so they can easily go on airplanes. Savvy Travelers designer beauty wipes are curated for the "on-the-go” sophisticated savvy travelista! No water? No problem!  The company offers a line of pre-packaged individual cosmetic wipes that are a savior in flight, in your car and out and about when you still want to feel clean and refreshed.

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