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The People Behind Luxury Travel

Courtesy of Jacada Travel

There is nothing wrong with off-the rack itineraries, but most would agree that custom-tailored versions are better. So for travelers paying thousands of dollars for someone to painstakingly design their next dream trip, shouldn’t they know who is planning the journey? 

Alex Malcolm, Founder of Jacada Travel (UK based tour operator), is a true young travel maverick who treats high-end travel like a friend showing a guest around his hometown. Once a teacher in Rio, Alex learned there were many things the conventional tourist doesn’t see in the short time they visit a place. He set out to change that with the creation of Jacada Travel, where all of the guides are local and their highly curated ‘travel designers’ are natural born explorers from all over. They know how to charter private planes across seven countries in Africa, but also believe that a beer in a local dive bar is a universal lubricant, and can be an equally immersive experience. 

Alex treats luxury travel as more than just a larger window with a better view, whether the traveler is looking to tap into Argentina’s Tango scene, go on a homestay in Myanmar or fly with a Thai pilot who was once a part of America’s secret army in Thailand. Jacada Travel’s expert travel designers plan immersive, perspective-shifting itineraries that challenge and inspire the sophisticated traveller on a deeply personal level. 

For the changing face of luxury travel, the top tour operators now are the ones that get travelers in where doors are otherwise closed. 

Courtesy of Jacada Travel
Courtesy of Jacada Travel
Courtesy of Jacada Travel
Courtesy of Jacada Travel

Gaby Walz

Having grown up in a multi-cultural surrounding, I have developed my love for international travel at a young age. I have traveled to over 50 countries, enjoy good food, meeting people, and experiencing other cultures. ...(Read More)

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