The Power of Spa for Our Well Being
By: Emily   |    Contributor Writer | Polar Spas
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The spa industry suffers from the problem that the concept of spa has been used unanimously to often describe facilities that does not really offer wellness and focus more on superficial beauty treatment. However, those who have immense faith in such concept are probably not aware of the healing and life enriching experience that can be achieved through the spa. But the good news is that this myth is eventually changing and the spa industry is filled with such passionate individuals who are conscious about their well-being across mind, body and soul.

So the question is how this change from the common perception of spa to the promise of what spa experience can really do has occurred? Well, to understand this transformation, first let us see what the science of psychology has to say for the spa? It says ‘Spa promotes a more holistic understanding of health and well-being. It offers the promise of healing across the mind, body and spirit. As we move from the mind, to the body to spirit, we are actually moving from our external being to a more superficial appearance towards the core of who we really are.’

People see spa as a place to treat body: that work out the kinks, smoothes the lines and enrich the beauty. However, for me, spa experience gets interesting when it can be more engaging and meaningful. I look to spa with the most incredible sense of admiration. Spas help to fill in the gaps in the way we look at human wellness. Therefore, lets us see the principles that the spa has promised to change the way we look at healing currently in our society.

While modern medical method waits for people to become ill and then figure out the procedure to fix the issue, spa promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging healthy eating, mind-body and exercise practices to prevent illness before it occurs.

It is quite interesting that although, hospitals, clinics and the doctors are made to make us feel better, still we detest visiting them. However, spa is the only healing institution in the modern society that we actually look forward to visit them. Spa knows the technique to deliver their treatment in the most enjoyable way when compared to the other healing institutions.

Spa is a proactive approach to health with a focus on prevention.  Not only does it offer a wide variety of alternative treatment options depending on the needs of the individuals, but it also educates people to focus their attention in order to achieve better health and wellbeing. It makes them realize that how spa can enhance a person’s overall health and quality of life by effectively treating real ailments and conditions.

Although healing is a highly subjective process, alternative healing practices provide effective intervention through an increased awareness of the impact of the therapist’s mind-set on the client, clarity of intent and instinctive flexibility in applying a broad range of skills. All these factors do not fit the conventional therapies. However, evidence-based therapy is based on standardized protocols applied to those situations where a client fits a given profile. This therapy attempts to minimize the risk involved for the client and the liability of the practitioners.

Thus we see that the spa industry is closely associated to the wellness industry. The tradition of the spa as a place of healing, relaxation, renewal and ‘feeling well’ positions the spa industry as one of the logical sector to take advantage of the wellness movement. Wellness in the spa industry is an opportunity to re-shape the spa image and move away from the concept of the spa as a mere provider of luxurious pampering and beauty treatment for wealthy. The spa industry was once challenged by the marketplace to show what it is made of? Is it pamper or wellness? Given these two options, the spa industry did the only thing right thing- it chose wellness.

Emily Smith is a lifestyle product analyst who is also into personal care treatment. She has been contributing useful articles on Spa hot tub her set of readers. She takes inspirations from Polar Spas while shopping around for spas accessories and home fittings.

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