Tien Ong cave - New tourist destination Ha Long Bay

New tourist destination halong bay tours – Located on islands ears, the limestone islands of Ha Long Bay in the south, Ha Long City as long as 20km, convenience store he was little known. Not only beautiful landscape value system with stalactites hanging down like curtains and many stalagmites pristine … Top Tien Ong also contain the value of history and culture is very important.

Tien Ong Cave door about 50m wide, 14m height. Grotto area is quite large (nearly 1.000m2), dome, roof top height of about 10 meters and the bottom of the cave about 5 meters above sea level.

Through the study of terrestrial animal bones, pottery fragments and shells, snails and other molluscs with stone tools such as axes, knives in the cave, scientists relic for convenience that He is dating from around 10,000 to 8,000 years BP, the period of Hoa Binh-Bac Son.

Under the plan, 12/2010, the Management Board of halong bay tours will hang Tien Ong into operation, in order to introduce to tourists, foreign about the pristine and historic values, culture Top .

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