Top 5 Luxurious Destinations in Italy

Joseph Hunkins

Italy is not lacking for luxurious travel destinations. You will find luxury and glamor throughout the country. Some destinations are nicely hidden away from the masses, and all of these top 5 luxurious destinations in Italy will leave you well-rested and eager to explore more.


Portofino has long been synonymous with the rich and famous. It is also one of the most charming and idyllic villages in the world. The Mediterranean location and picturesque houses and buildings built into the seaside cliffs create a magical ambiance which will set the mood for any tranquil and romantic holiday. The town is laid out to accommodate the arrival and docking of yachts of all sizes. It also serves as the starting point for a pleasant excursion to a Benedictine abbey of the 8th Century.

Bellagio and Lake Como

The Italian Lakes are the destination of exclusivity. This quintessential Lake Como town has been said to be the most beautiful town in all of Italy. The streets are made of cobblestone. The promenade lined with lush landscape and towering trees along the lake sets the mood for romance. The town is also home to some of the best restaurants and hotels in the country, whilst providing panoramic views at nearly every turn.


This capital city is also not lacking for culture or luxurious experiences. You will find top restaurants, top hotels, and luxurious shopping throughout the city. No trip to Italy is complete without stopping in Rome. You will not be lacking for luxurious accommodations, as Rome hotels are some of the best in the country.

Emilia Romagna

The region of Emilia Romagna offers luxury in a way many other regions cannot. This is not a popular tourist destination by comparison to so many other more traditional destinations. Here, you will experience the good life. This region is known for their truffles, as well as being one of the wealthiest regions of the country. The architecture is reminiscent of several periods from the Byzantines to the glorious era of Renaissance. If you have a passion for Italian sports cars, this is the region to visit.

Exploring the Country by Ferrari

Once you have examined the Ferraris and Lamborghinis, choose one to rent or to buy and set out to explore the country in style. The mountains will quickly engage these fine automobiles into demonstrating just how special they truly are. The handling on these vehicles is phenomenal. In addition to the indescribable feeling you will have whilst driving this luxury machine, you will turn heads everywhere you go. When you roll up to your luxury accommodations, everyone will know who you are. You will never again be able to drive another vehicle without envy and looking back upon your time in Italy with great favor. 

Take to the lakes, explore the country with an Italian sports car, relax by the Mediterranean, or enjoy the finer things in the city. Regardless of the destination you choose, it will be filled with luxury and excitement.
Photo Credit: Joseph Hunkins


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