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As a host, reporter and writer Mark has talked about and scribbled about food, wine and travel. He has appeared on TV, the Internet and radio talking about trends in these fields. And he has written numerous features about them as well. Mark was one of the first to feature food topics on the radio in Los Angeles and Memphis. He has interview world-class chefs (His favorite being the late Julia Child). His love of food includes learning about various cultures and their food preparations. How much does Mark enjoy food? When planning a trip, he often books his restaurant adventures before he thinks about hotels. His taste is broad, with Asian, Italian and French heading the list. His world travels to Europe, the Middle East and the Philippines has expanded his taste even more. Mark has visited extensively throughout the United States, with his favorite places New York and Chicago. There is always an adventure when he travels, meeting new people, discovering great places and of course eating.

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