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The business traveller can have a few requirements not common to leisure travellers – like the need for a place to stay over a number of weeks, rather than just one. They really need to find Cambridge accommodation that gives them a place in which to be themselves – a home away from home, if you like, the kind of place where they can relax and unwind when he or she is not at work.

The short term contract worker has plenty of opportunity to relax and unwind in Cambridge city centre. One of the most compact and beautiful in the UK, there’s plenty going on there – from rock and pop gigs at the Corn Exchange to underground music at a number of the local pubs; and from classical and choral concerts at King’s College, to folk music aplenty in real ale venues or at the Cambridge Folk Festival.

Business users of Cambridge accommodation will find much to be entertained with on the stage as well. For a start, Cambridge is home to the world famous Footlights company – a theatrical comedy troupe whose alumni pop up all over film and TV as legend of the form. John Cleese was at Footlights, as were most of the rest of the Pythons. Alan Bennett wrote sketches for Peter Cook and Dudley Moore there too.

A number of West End shows tour outside London – and Cambridge is one of the venues they are sure to reach. Because of this, long stay (as in short term contract length of stay) users of Cambridge accommodation get to enjoy some of the finest quality theatre in the land in a much less frantic environment.

Then there’s the art and culture directly associated with the University – which, in addition to plays, theatrical production and concerts put on by members of the various colleges, is also enshrined in the extraordinary Fitzwilliam Museum, a 19th century bequest housing more than half a million artworks. The Museum runs a number of seasonal exhibitions in addition to its permanent collection, and also sponsors practical art exhibitions in which practising professional artists run master classes for aspiring fellow brush-wielders.

Cambridge accommodation is neatly spread out around the perimeter of the city – giving business users in particular access to both the industrial areas on the edges of town, and the cultural delights at its heart. There’s barely a difference, time and convenience wise, between taking a leisurely stroll around the college campuses and getting out to the industrial developments ringing the city: meaning that people using Cambridge accommodation for business purposes will find their commuting time just as easy and relaxing as their time away from the grindstone.

Cambridge is set in wonderful countryside, and is dotted about with endearing villages and perfect country locations. The business visitor staying in Cambridge accommodation is advised to make a few sorties out of the city itself, and to discover the delights of Grantchester Meadows and its environs. Great pubs abound, too, so don’t miss out!

Benjamin Horsfield is a business consultant from Basingstoke. He routinely uses Cambridge accommodation when consulting with local firms.  

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