Why Men Should Wear Nice Watches

An often overlooked aspect of men’s fashion is the impact that a styled watch can have on an entire outfit. That being the case, one can see otherwise well-dressed guys wearing watches that should be worn with a much more casual line of clothing; they (we) seem to think that watches come in a one-watch-matches-all attitude that, frankly, is a bad assumption.


With this in mind, I recommend that every man has at least three watches: casual, dress and business. The casual watch can be anything from goofy to hip and should be worn with outfits that express one’s individuality. A dress watch should either be metallic or black to go with the widest array fashionable clothes suitable for a night out on the town or attending an event. Business watches, while somewhat similar to dress watches, should offer a mix of flash and class, displaying that the wearer is both professional and unique.


With a selection like this at one’s disposal, a man will have a step up on the competition no matter the where he may be. 


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