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Proenza Schouler's New Thriller Fashion Film Keeps Us On the Edge of Our Seat

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Spring fashion films have been popping up everywhere over the last few months, conjuring up images that range from beautiful ocean breezes to creepy men walking a haunted runway—but what they all have in common is the focus they put on those ridiculously, stylish clothes. In the new Proenza Schouler short, Outside In, however, the clothes are almost an afterthought—but that’s not to say they don’t make much of an impact. Walking around a luxurious ranch house, the woman moves gracefully from room to room, always in a statement-making dress.  

Shot to accompany their Dazed magazine interview, Outside In stars model Kristy Hume and is shot like a trailer for an edge-of-your-seat thriller that—of course—isn’t actually real. While we get to see about eight costume changes, all into beautiful Proenza pieces, what really grabs our attention is the storyline. Written and directed by Luke Gilford, the short feels unsettling—pulling our attention past the fashion and into the fictitious narrative of the fabulously-dressed spy. Who is she attempting to impersonate? Why is it so vital that she’s believed? Why would anyone sit on a dirty roof in their clean Proenza dress? And most importantly—who was calling? Who??

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