Apr. 12th, 2011

Yoga 101: The Down-Low for Yoga-Newbies

Photo Courtesy of CityRoom
What better way to kick off CityRoom Stories/Yoga than by examining the roots of yoga!? Hopefully some insight into why yoga is so addictive will help invite newcomers to feel and look their best with this amazing body practice.

Yoga originated in India, but today can be found all over the world. Yoga training involves the controlled movement of the entire body, holding postures (poses) while expanding your breath and maintaining a quiet mind.

For beginners yoga can be quite a struggle, but when you reach a level of comfort with your practice yoga becomes complete bliss. As your flexibility grows, so does the ability to quiet your mind Ė this is why yoga is called the "ultimate mind-body" workout. As you follow your path of yoga, you are granted a natural inner fire that gives you unparalleled energy...not to mention a beautifully toned body and better posture.

People set out to learn yoga for a variety of reasons: overcoming emotional problems (quiet mind); exercise (better body); physical therapy (improved posture and to remedy injuries); and enhanced self-esteem (better sex life). But perhaps the best part is that there is no age requirement and no real equipment needed.

It is practiced by both sexes, young and old, and in studios, living rooms and on beaches the world over. After only a couple of weeks you will start to see real results and overall improvement physically and mentally.
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