The Coolest Piece of Exercise Equipment You'll Ever Use

Photo Courtesy of LUNAR
It?s a luxury to be able to exercise at home in your own gym, but most fitness equipment can be bulky, too heavy to move, and just plain unflattering in a room. When one of the top ten design firms in the world, LUNAR, stepped in to change the way we look at home fitness equipment, the result is stylish, sculptural pieces of ?active furniture.?

Of the design concept for the avant-garde equipment, Matthis Hamann of LUNAR Europe said, ?Our goal was to create highly functional fitness equipment which, besides its sporting uses, will adorn any living room in the same way as an aesthetic sculpture. The objects thus combine ?life? and ?style? in the best possible sense.?

The Vela Cycle Trainer looks more like a work of art than a crowding, unsightly piece of exercise equipment. The LUNAR designers fused form and function to create a bike that would make training at home a challenging yet enjoyable experience, and fold up to reveal a sleek, clever shape.
Finding time to focus on a workout routine can be difficult with career, family and friends always taking priority, but LUNAR hopes that these beautiful pieces of equipment will provide motivation to workout at home and liven up any room with its unique design.
“We all want to feel good – we strive for health and fitness and want to live in a nice home,” Hamann says. “With our objects and their intuitive, immersive handling, we are bringing a totally new kind of fitness studio into the home – and simultameously enhancing people’s living space." The Vela Cycle Trainer is among a line of active furniture for the home designed by LUNAR. Visit to learn more.


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