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Prabal Gurung MAC

Photo Credit: Prabal Gurung via Instagram

For Prabal Gurung makeup is more than just a lip gloss and a few brightly colored glitter eye shadows. For the Nepalese designer, the idea of dusting on a bit of blush or swiping on a shade of bright red lipstick can change women’s entire outlook on themselves and the world around them. His earliest fashion memories come from watching his mother take part in this beauty ritual and experiencing the change that would take place, both visually and emotionally. This November, Gurung will be a part of that magic as he partners with MAC Cosmetics for a limited-edition holiday collection. The 14-piece line will be his first foray into beauty, but one that he hopes will be the beginning of something bigger.

“My love of fashion and beauty began when I was a kid,” Gurung told WWD. “I didn’t know the beauty brands or the big designers when I was really young, but I was fascinated by the packaging and the beautiful boxes. It was almost magical. I’d see my mom come home from work and put on all this makeup and it would be a total transformation happening, and [I saw] the confidence that came with that.” This emotion and change is what he’s hoping the line will evoke in women around the world. Paying close attention to color and packaging, each piece will be housed in a gold, art-deco inspired case which is of course more luxurious than the everyday MAC black. “This package holds a lot of emotions. I can’t wait to give [the collection] to my mom. It’s almost like a full-circle thing for me, because that’s where my fashion dream started.”

“We support young designers—such as Prabal and Proenza Schouler early on, and then later we do collections as they mature and gain stature,” James Gager, MAC’s senior vice president and creative director told WWD. “We nurture people along and help them—that’s built into our DNA.” And Gurung in turn, wants both brands to nurture the belief that every woman is beautiful, inside and out. “The relationship [with MAC], from day one, has been amazing,” said Gurung. “So when they came to me with this opportunity, I jumped at the chance. I’m really sensitive and emotional, so I really need to feel that connection with a brand. And MAC has a philosophy I believe in. The one universal truth I really believe in is that every woman—no matter her shape, size or race—wants to look beautiful.”

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