Gazel: Luxurious & Organic Towels, Robes and More for the Bathroom

Home Decor: Our bodies are the most precious things we possess, and from the doctors we see to the food we eat, we do all in our power to protect, nurture and care for them. Caring for them also means taking those extra little steps to pamper ourselves, but doing so doesn’t have to be to the detriment of the environment. This is what Gazel believes, a company focused on creating the simple – and luxurious – pleasures of life, and creating them responsibly.

Through their green philosophy, the raw cotton is produced totally free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, eliminating you and your family’s exposure to toxic chemical residues. And because their yarns are far less processed, the end results are the outstandingly soft, comfortable and durable towels and robes of Gazel.

Inspired by the ancient Anatolian-era bathing traditions renowned for their restorative value and eco-friendly craftsmanship, Gazel has elevated the every-day experience of bathing to a lavish and indulgent event when you can pamper your body, which we should all do from time to time.

Their texture is soft, but rich and incredibly absorbent. The bath towels are endlessly inviting, whether you are looking to dry your hands or are stepping out of a steamy shower in the morning. Each cotton fiber elevates a transition that is often hasty and taken for granted: from cold and wet to warm and dry.

Each collection of their towels features delicate and beautiful embroidery along the edges, hinting at design but not taking over the entire surface. Also rooted in Anatolian history is the Ebru collection, which gets its name from the old Anatolian art form, and features their graceful, flowery design. Their other collections include the classic Gazel collection, Oya exemplifying delicate Turkish lace, and Sufi, which is both geometric and contemporary.

As a kid, I remember getting out of the bath and huddling in my towel, crouching to the floor to get into the smallest ball possible while I dried off because there are few things more unpleasant than getting out of the soothing warmth of a relaxing bath or a hot, invigorating shower to be greeted by the icy air hitting your unprepared body. But Gazel combats this with their oversized and abundant bath sheets and bath towels, ideal for that moment you get out of the bathtub.

In beautiful neutral tones, as well as some striking reds, Gazel’s collections are the perfect accessory for any bathroom and give a new meaning to life’s small, but influential, pleasures.

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