Signature Designs DVD Series: Do-it-yourself Decorative Finishes

Home Decor: I'm not a huge do-it-yourself home decorator. Perhaps because it's hard for me to fathom cracking open some paint cans, whipping out some fine tipped brushes, and hoping for the best. Alas, because its now spring (and I always get a renewed artistic inspiration come spring), I decided to try a new DVD series by international decorating diva, Michele Dawn.

Ms. Dawn has been painting, sponging and bronzing the homes of celebrities, made millionaires and royalty for decades. While my mini mansion doesn't have the archways and columned rotundas Dawn usually works on with such clientele, I wanted to learn some bronzing techniques for some furniture pieces.

Dawn's new batch of DVDs cover painting techniques for Gold Leaf, Stone Pillars, and Bronzed Iron. Sounds remarkably daunting, but within a few times of watching the high def videos, I was as light and jolly as Dawn was sponging away on wood works. Dawn has a such an encouraging sweetness about her teaching techniques that I admit I was feeling confident enough to teach a bronzing lesson or two to my girlfriends. I opted to just pass along the DVDs but for the moment, house guests ask where in the world I found such sharp wood piece furniture.

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