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The Luxe List: Tanzanite Earrings, Rings and More by Yael Designs

Luxury Jewelry: If you are an enviro-conscious consumer who is also a fine accessories aficionado, you'll particularly appreciate Yael Designs' Pacifica Collection. But, even the most hardened jewelry junkie will love this fabulous line priced from $5,000 to $25,000.

Crafted with care by an award-winning fine jewelry design house, the Pacifica Collection was inspired by the majestic beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Tanzanite, a recently discovered precious stone considered rarer than diamonds, is the centerpiece of this breathtaking Pacifica Collection replete with striking royal blue and violet hues.

The line includes 38 rings, earrings and pendants that each feature deep blue tanzanite ranging from three to 22 carats along with white diamonds-all set in 18 karat white and yellow gold settings, (also available in platinum) the trademark of Yael Designs.

As a sustainability-conscious company, Yael Designs recognizes that creating fine jewelry depends entirely on the bounty of the earth's natural resources. Indeed, the company prides itself on creating unique designs with excellent craftsmanship that also foster eco-friendly practices. Yael uses conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold in all its fine jewelry and supports a number of social and environmental organizations.

More information about the collection is available online at

Merilee Kern is JustLuxé.com's "The Luxe List" Executive Review Editor. She scours the luxury marketplace for new and captivating product, service and travel "musts." Submissions are accepted via e-mail at View all of Merilee's Luxe List articles from here (scroll to page bottom) and follower her on Twitter here:

Merilee Kern

Merilee A. Kern is a good life connoisseur who scours the luxury marketplace for new and innovative must-haves and exemplary experiences at all price points - the extreme high end to the affordable. The best of the best across all product, service and travel categories are detailed in her exclusive column 'The Luxe List' that reaches millions of affluent consumers each month through multiple print...(Read More)

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