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One of Kate Middleton's Favorite Jewelers Creates Gems Fit For A Princess

Kiki McDonough

Photos Courtesy of Kiki McDonough

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has a certain je ne sais quoi about her, something that we all wish we had but no one seems to be able to emulate. Maybe it’s the hair or those perfect (Queen-approved) below-the-knee, midi-dresses she’s been wearing on her current tour of Australia and New Zealand—whatever her magic is she’s undeniably a style icon. Anything she wears we love, so when we caught wind of Kiki McDonough—one of Kate’s favorite jewelers—we had to know more. The looks are classic (so Kate!) but current, like a modern heirloom piece. Designing numerous collections, some that are bright and bold while others are light and delicate, McDonough has a line of jewelry that any woman can adore—princess or not.  

Kiki McDonough

A third generation jeweler, McDonough is one of Britain’s most luxurious jewelers having been in the industry for almost 30 years. Starting her eponymous label in 1985, her brand grew exponentially and saw her moving her boutique several times until she finally landed a flagship on Symons just off Sloane Square.

Kiki McDonough

Wanting to create a line that would be wearable for women of all ages, McDonough expresses her creativity through uses of boldly-colored stones and classic styling to design pieces that are both statement-making and demure. Favorite materials like 18 karat yellow gold, pavé diamonds and smooth cabochon stones are popular throughout the collection and showcase her love of all things brilliant, colorful and sparkling. Describing her own style as “classic and fun—jewelry that will make you feel better than you did before you put it on!” her favorite stone is Peridot, a summery green gem that is just as eye-catching as it is stylish.

Kiki McDonough

A favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge and her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, McDonough is a bit of a modern treasure in England, even having been officially recognized by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, which has a pair of her iconic earrings on permanent display in its modern jewelry collection. And there is a very good reason why. With a selection of brightly hued necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, her candy-colored collection is chic with just enough uniqueness to make it charming.

Kiki McDonough

Some of Kate’s favorites (which we count amongst our faves too) are the Classic Citrine Pear Drops and the Green Amethyst & Diamond Cushion Drops (title photo). Yes, she’s a fan of the earrings, and rightfully so. These two styles in particular are quite simple (perfect for royalty) and have enough color to be fun without being overpowering. If you prefer a bit more punch the Eternal Gemstone Necklace, Grace Cushion Cocktail Ring Amethyst Ring and Mini Amethyst Opera Pendant are pieces we’d wear from our 20’s to our mid 90’s.

Kiki McDonough

There are also in-store exclusives, basically a lust-worthy collection of resplendent jewels that aren't for everyday wear—although that wouldn’t stop us from trying. In addition to jewelry they do have cufflinks for men so even Prince William can look as snazzy as Kate.

Kiki McDonough is available online and at Neiman Marcus. Priced from £495-£24,000 (approx. $830-$40,275).

Marissa Stempien

Marissa Stempien graduated with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Asian Studies from San Francisco State University. Previously a beauty editor, Marissa now utilizes her love and passion of luxurious fashion everyday as Fashion Editor of JustLuxe. Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, Marissa has traveled to various cities across the globe, most recently returning from living abroad...(Read More)

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