Jul. 8th, 2014

Accessorize Like James Bond: Every Watch Worn by 007 From Rolex to Omega

james bond
Photo Courtesy of Sony Entertainment

While most women are dying to be as chic as Kate Middleton or as timeless as Jackie O., guys are usually channeling one man—and one man only—James Bond. The phrase “women want him and men want to be him” has never been truer than it is with Agent 007. But while most guys don’t have access to a classic Aston Martin or a sexy English accent, that doesn’t mean they can’t emulate the famous spy. With the right suit and accessories, his look can be yours. For Bond –fanatics (or those who just really love watches), DreamChrono created an infograph highlighting the timepieces worn in each film. Pick your favorite Bond (we’re fans of Connery) and snag a watch for your new look, or even create a Bond timepiece collection—we won’t judge.

James Bond
Photo Courtesy of DreamChrono
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