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CitationAir by Cessna Launches Jet Access

Dec. 10th, 2010 | Comments 0 | Make a Comment   
Luxury Aircraft: Increase the value and lower the costs. It is an age-old business formula that CitationAir by Cessna is applying with its launching of Jet Access.

The new option for private-aviation customers who commit to 50 hours annually provides all the benefits of fractional ownership without having to incur the accompanying substantial investment for VIP flight accommodations. Customers can now fly CitationAir's fleet of Cessna Citation XLS and Sovereign aircraft.

"The Jet Access product requires no aircraft ownership, thereby eliminating any concerns about future residual values," said Steve O'Neill, CitationAir's president and CEO. "With a simple upfront refundable deposit and no capital commitment, coupled by a minimal 12-month initial contract, this is a terrific opportunity for individuals and organizations considering private travel."

Jet Access is the newest addition to CitationAir's existing suite of aviation products and services, which includeJet Card, Jet Shares, Jet Management, and Corporate Solutions.
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