Sep. 18th, 2012

Onboard Jacuzzis and Kitchens Prove Private Jets Are Back

private jet
Photo Courtesy of Thinkstock
Private jets, and all of the perks that come with them, spent some time being relatively swept aside due to the declining economy. People didn't want to appear wasteful and insensitive in the wake of the recession. However, those who have extra wealth to burn seem to turning back to the days of filling their jets with Jacuzzis and full-service kitchens.

"This mini-recovery is welcome news for the industry’s interior designers. Those for whom money is no object are once again beginning to fill their jets with Jacuzzis, cinemas and full-service kitchens," says CNBC. "A midsized airplane refurbished by an internationally known designer will typically involve a fee of about $400,000, companies say. However all work is required to go through a 'completion center', as aircraft can only be worked on by certified engineers."
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