Virgin America Welcomes Your Beloved Pooch With an All-Pet Cabin

main canine select pet cabin

Photos Courtesy of Virgin America
If you're the type of person who dresses your pooch up to match your outfits, Virgin America may be the airline for you. On April 1 the carrier unveiled their newest class of service, Main Canine Select, which will be available on domestic flights — the adding the news to their recently introduced flirting service, Seat-to-Seat Delivery. In hopes to please their clients, Virgin America is all set to spoil pups with some pretty impressive amenities, including a light installation and fire hydrants.
 main canine select pet cabin
Main Canine is located in the First Class cabin (rows one and two on most of their Airbus A320-Family fleet) and is a custom-designed cabin for your furry friends. Included in the service is an interactive light installation that gives your dog a chance to chase after digitally rendered cats (which may be instigating bad behavior if you have cats at home). There is also an "open air" lavatory featuring fire hydrants, air vents placed at each seat so they get some much needed fresh air (which Virgin America hopes will remind them of sticking their heads out of the car window), and a curated selection of features through the Red in-flight entertainment system (such as a loop of tennis matches). Main Canine Select has been officially approved of by the airline's Official Pet Liaison, Boo — the bear-like internet sensation who is widely considered to be "The World's Cutest Dog".

“We recognize how important it is to cater to our canine companions onboard,” said Phil Seward, Director of Loyalty at Virgin America. “Dogs — and their very discerning owners — are a priority for us in terms of our frequent flyer base. We knew that we needed to raise the bar even higher in terms of their experience onboard and through our Elevate loyalty program. We were of course thrilled to have Boo as an adviser in this process." main canine select pet cabin
The airline has also launched a new Elevate "Top Dog" status level for fliers, which was designed for those of you who travel with beloved pets often. The service includes "complimentary checked 'doggy bag,' Virgin America pet hoodies and curbside hydrants for added convenience." Fans of social media applications (like Facebook and Instagram) should be thrilled to learn that once you're a member of the Top Dog status level, you will be able to earn double reward points by virtually "checking in" at the airline's airport terminals, gates, and dog parks.

Some of the Canine Select features need to be seen to be believed but unfortunately photos haven't been released yet, meaning you may just have to pack up your pooch and hop on a plane to see for yourself. Unless, of course, this is all an April Fool's prank but considering Virgin America's dedication to service, love of dogs and willingness to try something new, they just may pull this off.

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