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Culinary News, Features & Events

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Carnivores, Rejoice! Wagyu-of-the-Month Club Offers Year-Round Cuts

Wagyu beef steak
By: JustLuxe Teamcomments 0 | 2014

Food-of-the-month clubs are getting pretty popular nowadays, with everything from craft beers and coffee to olive oil and jam getting the monthly treatment. Though there are several meat offerings already, David Rosengarten's Year-Round Wagyu-of-the-Month Club gives customers beef cut from Wagyu cattle, a breed from Japan that is known for its high quality and even higher prices. Though Rosengarten has several club options, this one gives you a different cut every month — like top sirloin, rib-eye, burger and chuck flap. Plus, they're selected by expert butcher George Faison, the co-founder of D'Artagnan and CEO of DeBragga Meats. The price averages out to just $125 a month, which is pretty good considering all your options. 


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Celebrating Culinary Inspiration at Clearwater Beach Uncorked Food & Wine Adventure

Clearwater Beach Uncorked
By: Steve Mirskycomments 0 | 2014
Florida means different things to different people. You have Walt Disney World, sunshine, alligators, the Everglades, and miles of wide-open beaches — to name just a few. And then there's Florida's Gulf Coast, offering endless...

Jack Daniel's Teams Up With Top Chefs for a Unique Bounty & Barrel Dinner Series

Jack Daniel's Bounty & Barrel, single barrel whisky
By: Donald Herrera-Fairbairncomments 0 | 2014
As the popularity of the culinary world continues its unprecedented explosion, Jack Daniel's is introducing a dinner series called Bounty & Barrel to celebrate master chefs and the brand's top-tier Single Barrel Whiskey. These events...

Dine Privately in the Exclusive Chef's Penthouse Popping Up in London

chefs penthouse gourmet dining marcel's
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2014
The thought of privately dining in the home of a gourmet chef can make a foodie's heart flutter. Now, imagine two chefs living in a penthouse at Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living in London, giving you that rare "at home"...

Recreate the Decadent Courtesan au Chocolate Dessert from The Grand Budapest Hotel

the grand budapest hotel dessert recipe
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2014
The Grand Budapest Hotel is here and it's amazing! Not only does it mark a huge growth for Wes Anderson as a director and writer, the cast is unbelievable (even by Anderson standards) and the intricate plot is held together by delicious...

Dinner 695 Feet Above the Arabian Gulf Aims to Feed 120,000 Children

Burj Al Arab charity dinner dubai
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2014
The fine dining scene in the Emirates is about to get a major boost thanks to a special High Table dinner that is being set up on the Burj Al Arab helipad, around 695 feet above the Arabian Gulf. The result of a partnership between the luxury hotel...

Turn Water Into Wine With At-Home Winemaking Miracle Machine

By: Donald Herrera-Fairbairncomments 0 | 2014
Although beer making has become widely popular with at-home breweries, vinification has been left relatively untouched — until now. A cool new product called the Miracle Machine is promising high-quality homemade wine in only a matter of...

Glenmorangie & Thomas Pink Collaborate on Perfect Whisky & Shirt Pairings

Glenmorangie whiskies and Thomas Pink shirts
By: Donald Herrera-Fairbairncomments 0 | 2014
With both Glenmorangie Single Malt whiskies and Thomas Pink shirts being referred to as having "unnecessarily well made" craftsmanship in their respective products, it should come to little surprise that the brands have partnered for three...

Rockstars Turned Restaurateurs: Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley Roll Out New Rocks & Brews

rock & brews kiss paul stanley gene simmons
By: Lena Katzcomments 0 | 2014
Guess which rock stars co-founded Rock & Brews, a family-friendly brewpub chain? Here's a hint for you: It’s their first foray into the restaurant industry, but they’ve been business moguls for quite a while. It’s Paul...

Celebrity Chef David Burke to Open Nightlife Hotspot Huckleberry Hall in Aspen

david burke
By: Jared Paul Sterncomments 0 | 2014
In March, renowned chef and restaurateur David Burke is planning to give Aspen’s nightlife scene a boost with Huckleberry Hall — commemorating Colorado’s native huckleberries. The intimate, upscale venue will be opening underneath...

Refresh Your Black Truffle Game With These Recipes From Casa Nonna

Black Truffle Recipes from Casa Nonna
By: Lena Katzcomments 0 | 2014
There's pretty much a truffle for every season, and thankfully you still have some time to enjoy the black winter truffle. However, oftentimes people reuse the same recipe over and over, and may get a little bored shaving them over omelettes and...

Kalamazoo to Announce New Gaucho Model, the Ultimate Santa Maria Style Grill

Kalamazoo Gaucho outdoor grill
By: Mila Pantovichcomments 0 | 2014
Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is at it again with their brand new Gaucho Grill, which they will introduce at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York City on March 20-33. Calling it a "major rethink of the Argentinean/Santa Maria-style...
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