Practice Grilling With These 3 Recipes for Pork Sliders, Double Cut Pork Chops, & Grilled Whole Fish

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Photo Courtesy of Terrazas de los Andes

Now that you've had some time to mull over Peter Kaminsky's fantastic grilling tips that we gave you earlier in the week, here are three new recipes to try out— Pork Pimenton Sliders with Bacon Jam, Double Cut Pork Chops with Malbec Marmalade, and Grilled Whole Fish with Lemon and Tarragon. Taken from his book, The Essential New York Times Grilling Cookbook, these meals are sure to blow everyone away this weekend. Plus, each one is paired with wine from Terrazas de los Andes, which according to Kaminsky pair beautifully with smoky, charred flavors.

"The Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec, (SRP: $21.99) is a full-bodied wine that complements deeply flavored slow-grilled meats. I pick up the flavor of black cherries and an aroma that’s a sensuous combination of cinnamon, coconuts, and even violets: that’s a powerful amount of complexity that elevates any grilled meat," says Kaminsky. "For example, it inspired my pork pimenton slider with bacon jam and double cut pork chops with Malbec marmalade."

Check out the three recipes below!

Pork Pimenton Sliders with Bacon Jam
Double Cut Pork Chops with Malbec Marmalade
Grilled Whole Fish with Lemon and Tarragon


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