Per Se & French Laundry to Start Charging Diners in Advance for Prix Fixe Menus

The dining experience at Per Se in New York and The French Laundry in Napa Valley is gearing up for a change. According to the New York Times, in early 2015 the two restaurants (both owned by Thomas Keller) will start charging diners ahead of time for the prix fixe tasting menus as a way to deter last minute reservation cancellations and no-shows. Honestly, we like this change. Not only does it make sense from a business standpoint, being able to pay ahead of time also happens to be really convenient for the diners.

Through the use of an upcoming booking system called Tock, which was created by restaurateur Nick Kokonas, guests will be able to reserve their table online and pay the full menu amount (which will include service charges)—the Per Se tasting menu is $310 and French Laundry's is $295. Of course, whatever else you order that is additional, like cocktails, will be tallied on a new bill given at the end of your meal. 

Mila Pantovich

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