Classic Cognac Makes a Comeback: 1738 Accord Royal by Remy Martin

Food & Spirits: As mixologists begin to blur the line between food and liquor, it's nice to see that some things haven't changed, like the 1738 Accord Royal by Remy Martin.

While cognac was traditionally reserved as an after-dinner drink, the mellow flavors of the traditional brown spirit are smooth enough to be enjoyed any time. Standing up to Scotch and bourbon, those who enjoy those fine liquors will be surprised to learn that the 1738 Accord Royal stands with them.

With a long luxurious history dating back to King Louis XV, the 1738 cognac blend is a fine champagne cognac made from the two best Crus in the "Heart of Cognac" region in France. Remy Martin is distilled on the lees to bring more texture, taste and feeling to the cognac.

As a cognac with smooth flavors of toasted oak, ginger, chocolate and chestnut, it's no wonder that Remy Martin became an instant royal favorite, that is equally enjoyable neat or on the rocks.

Carly Zinderman

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