iPad Cases for the Practical and Fashionable

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One of our readers, Chris G., was curious about some accessories.
Question: What are some nice iPad covers, other than the ones at Apple?

Clam Case
Price: $99
Although it’s not available yet, (any day now) it is easily the coolest looking case/laptop converter I have come across. Not only is it sleek, but it protects the iPad and offers the convenience of turning it into a portable laptop. Hopefully it will be released soon and it’s as cool as the pictures make it out to be.

Graphic Image
Price: $130
Graphic Image is my go-to place when I need agendas and day planners. Their options for color and leathers is better than any other I have seen, and the options are just as robust for the iPad case. Metallic is my favorite, and don't forget you can get your initials embossed on the case.
FYI: their products are carried at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Henri Bendel.

Kenton Sorenson
Price: $140
This case is handmade from vegetable tanned leather to give it a fabulous weathered vintage look. Not only stylish, this case is tough and durable.

Price: $1555
Masked in their trademark quilted leather, this is the perfect cover for the fashion conscious and the luxury lover.

Price: $460
Smythson products have all the elements that us editors here at JustLuxe lust over: rich history, elegant styles, vibrant colors and clever design, which is why their iPad cases are one of our favorites. With over 100 years of experience in refined craftsmanship, Smythson is able to bring classic elegance to modern technology. The finish and quality is superb and the various color options are rich and dramatic. A little pricey but definitely worth it.

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