Bernie Madoff Collection iPad Covers by Frederick James

Photo Courtesy of Frederick James
If you just got yourself a shiny, new iPad, then you’re definitely going to be in the market for a nice cover for it. There are lots of luxury brands out there creating fashionable and functional plastic, leather, and fabric covers to fit any style; but if you don’t want to be like everyone else and don’t necessarily care about fashion or function, then you might be interested in a cover from the The Bernie Madoff Collection by Frederick James.

No, Bernie Madoff isn’t the next big name in fashion - he’s the convicted felon who admitted to defrauding thousands of investors of billions of dollars. So what does one have to do with the other? Well, Frederick James, designer and manufacturer of iPad covers from rescued or vintage materials, obtained a limited amount of clothing from Madoff and decided to repurpose them into - what else? - iPad covers. Back to school shopping just got a little more interesting.

If you have $250 to drop on a crook’s old pair of Banana Republic khaki pants, then you got yourself a piece of history. For $500 your iPad can roam around town in bright orange Murphy & Nye Sailmakers Pants (only two covers were made from this pair; get yours while supplies last!).

Again, if you're looking for a cover that will actually protect your iPad, this isn't it. Frederick James even states on their site, "The Frederick James iPad covers are NOT intended to be protective if you should drop your iPad while carrying it AT ALL." They also mention that even when your iPad is in the Bernie Madoff case, act as if it doesn't have a cover on at all. Practicality is overrated anyway.

Visit to order your one-of-a-kind "souvenir" from the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

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