WaveJet: Personal Water-Propulsion Engine Powered Surfboard


Photo Courtesy of WaveJet
The WaveJet continues to make a big splash in the surfing community this year, and we have exciting new details to share.

While all the talk focuses on an engine-powered surfboard, the driving force of the product actually is a patented, 15-pound personal water-propulsion engine that enables a surfer to move up to three times faster through water than just paddling by hand. The WaveJet technology makes navigating through water simpler and safer for users at all levels.

The engine, which is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that provides up to 30 minutes of running time, can be inserted in various types of personal watercraft. A WaveJet can be built into various types of personal watercraft. It works on short boards, long boards, SUPs, and kite boards as well as kayaks and light boats. It also operates in very shallow water where paddling is impossible and in areas outboards cannot be used at all.

The water-propulsion engine has 20 pounds of thrust that can cut through waves and current faster. It has been reported to travel as fast as 21 mph. Recharging the battery is simple, too, as it plugs directly into a standard wall socket.

Mike Railey, the CEO of the Santee, Calif.-based firm, is the developer of the WaveJet. The WaveJet has taken nearly a decade to come to fruition. In a previous interview that appeared in Aloha Update, Railey said that he no longer wanted to ride a non-powered board. "You kind of become spoiled once you become accustomed to having the propulsion," said Railey.

According to the company's website, the WaveJet will hit the market sometime during the fourth quarter 2011. The price will be around $4,500 for an SUP. Visit to learn more.


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