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Even if you're an amateur filmmaker or photographer, you've probably considered dabbling in time-lapse photography. Many people probably assume that those stunning images require a vast array of luxury electronics and that it's a process reserved for the professionals. However, now that Syrp has invented their flagship product, Genie, anyone will be able to easily create the amazing time-lapse shots themselves.

New Zealand natives Ben Ryan and Chris Thomson (the duo behind Syrp) put their product up on Kickstarter in late April with a $150,000 goal, and have since raised $636,766 with the help of nearly 1,000 backers. With everything the Genie is capable of, it's no surprise that so many people banded together to help make the project a business reality.lltitle=Easy Time-Lapse Photography Gadget### llcontent=Ever considered experimenting with time-lapse photography? The new device by luxury electronics company Syrp allows for even amateurs to give the seemingly high-tech image capturing technology a try. The genie captures image and motion control to make time-lapse photography easy. Just attach your camera to the top of the device, plug it in, and the Genie will take care of the rest.

The Genie is an all-encompassing device that is used for combining image capture with motion control, and is capable of panning and linear movement, which is often used in time-lapse photography. All you have to do is attach your camera to the top of the Genie device and plug it in. Compatible with any film equipment on the market (tripods, sliders, jib arms, cable cams, homemade track, etc.), the Genie is programmable to move and shoot in any way you need. As long as you have an imagination and a long rope, you can supposedly rig up the Genie nearly anywhere, from suspending it over a canyon to resting it on a skateboard so it can roll through a football field.
While there are a wide range of cameras out there, as long as yours has a remote input, like one used for a timer remote, Syrp says it can be used with the Genie. The sleek black box is also complete with accessories that are interchangeable, allowing easy transportation and a vast flexible range. Syrp wanted to make sure that no matter where your shooting location is, you'll be able to use the device easily.

Among the gadget's many features is an interface port that allows users to connect various sensors, like light and motion sensors, that will tell the Genie to begin recording or take a photo. There's also a preview mode that will let users check out the recordings without disturbing the camera's position. An Android and iPhone app is currently being developed as well, which will enable users to have control of the Genie's various settings right from their Smartphone.

Speaking of Smartphone's, if the Genie isn't quite what you're looking for, check out it's little brother, Matrr's Galileo. The small sleek, remote-controlled device is compatible with any iOS gadget and brings time-lapse photography to anyone with an iPhone.
If you want to buy a Genie now, or simply support the venture, you can check out the various pledge options at Kickstarter. Many of the options have already sold out but you can still get one for a $690 pledge, which will get you a Genie, as well as 6.5ft of rope, a camera connection cable of your choice, a wall charger, and your name printed in the boxes of the first production run. There are also much higher pledges available, like the pledge for $3,000 which allows you a holiday at New Zealand's Lake Wakatipu and a bungee jumping adventure. There are also Retail Packs for a pledge of $5,900 that comes with 10 Genie's and Distributors Packs for $10,000 that comes with 20 units.

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